A realistic graphite drawing of David Bowie with R.I.P. written inside a symbolic black star on the left side of the portrait. The star floats above a Balinese temple shrine.
Bowie Black Star - 29cms x 42cms - graphite

David Bowie Drawing

Bowie Black Star | 27cms x 39cms | graphite om paper

  • Original & unique artwork
  • Non-yellowing, acid free archival paper
  • Fixative coated to reduce smudging


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David Bowie Drawing

Yes, this stunning David Bowie drawing is for sale!

Bowie Black Star is a commemorative drawing of the legendary David Bowie. I idolised Bowie for decades, his music was inspirational and he had a huge influence on me throughout my teenage years. We all meet our maker sooner or later and we all know this, however when Bowie died I was truly gutted. I decided for this drawing I would make it commemorative.  I read that he had his ashes spread in Bali, so I decided to include imagery of the holiest temple in Bali – Tirta Empul Temple.

I use a variety of materials for my drawings usually ranging from:
graphite pencils | charcoal | pastels | gel pens
I don’t stick to a particular style or genre. I pride myself on being creative and challenge myself across many disciplines.

For portraiture I like to use graphite pencils but I occasionally get out my charcoal. The main drawback with charcoal is that it becomes very messy and it is easy to get unwanted smudges on your artworks. having said that, charcoal is a wonderful medium for large works and it gives a luscious deep black that graphite cannot match.

Realism as a genre is defined by being a realistic or accurate representation of the visual world around us.


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Dimensions35 × 15 × 15 cm


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