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Blue sinister painting
Author: Stuart Ian Currie

Afraid Of The Darkness

Comment: Do you remember your childhood? More to the point, do you remember being afraid of the dark?

Mount Kenya
Author: Stephen John Currie

A Terrifying Walk In The Mountains

I started to feel really scared. I would hear rustling behind me, and started to fantasise that a leopard was stalking me.

Young people talking and enjoying the sun at Catherine Hill Bay campsite.
Author: Stuart Ian Currie

Blown Away

I have been camping so many times and for so long now, I reckon I could write a book about it. In fact, I reckon I could call myself an expert...

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A collage of 3 realistic graphite pencil portraits, including Dave Bowie, Gandalf The White, and a baby girl.
Author: Stuart Ian Currie


Usually I start my drafting lines with a 2B pencil and get some shadow areas in before going to deeper tones...

A collage of 3 realistically hand drawn pet portraits including a shih shu dog, a cat and a kelpie dog.
Author: Stuart Ian Currie

Pet Portraits Australia

Your furry friend deserves a special place in your life, and nothing captures that bond quite like a custom pet portrait.

a collage of Art Commissions paintings that include a Day-Of-The-Dead portrait, a landscape of rolling hills with some cottages in the middle, plus a mountain landscape with dorm style cottages.
Author: Stuart Ian Currie

Art Commissions

Our art commissions offer a customized solution for art lovers who want something truly unique...


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