An abstract acrylic painting depicting the arid desert landscape of Australia.

Landscape Abstract Painting

Red Sails | 100cms x 140cms | acrylic on canvas

  • Original unique artwork
  • Custom built timber stretcher frame
  • Heavy duty canvas thread
  • Gesso binder undercoats
  • Artist quality paint
  • Archival clear vanish coatings
  • Ready to hang


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Landscape Abstract Painting

Red Sails was conceived after visiting The Corner Country (named: Sturt Stony Desert by Charles Sturt in 1844 when he went on a expedition to find the inland sea) on a field trip, whilst I was studying Fine Arts at UniNSW. On that visit to the desert, I created icons and motifs for various life forms. This painting has salt bushes as a main theme and the colours reflect on the arid conditions and intense heat of central Australia. I deliberately juxtaposed the small saltbushes with larger trees, reversing thier scale to create a dynamic discord. I produced a large body of works after this trip.

ABSTRACTION: Is not considered an accurate representation of the world around us. Basically it uses colour, forms and gestural mark making to convey the artist’s interpretation or vision. Abstraction is used to convey a story or evoke a feeling. There are a myriad of different ways to approach abstraction in painting and I have developed a few distinct or unique styles.

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Dimensions160 × 6 × 120 cm


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