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Drawing & Painting - All Levels

Exciting News!

Join professional artist Stuart Ian Currie on a journey of discovery.

Stuart is now tutoring at Parramatta Community College.

Learn the fundamentals of:

*Drawing    *Colour Theory    *Watercolour

If you are interested in joining me, pop over to the

Parramatta Community College website!

or click on the link below…


Graphite drawing of a sphere that has been rendered showing soft gradients of tone


What You Will Learn

  • experimental drawing
  • dynamic shapes
  • shading techniques
  • composition
  • perspective
  • tonal values
15 segment colour wheel painted with gouache.


What You Will Learn

  • colour characteristics
  • colour temperature
  • colour relationships
  • colour perception
  • colour mixing
  • contrast of extension
Neurographic watercolour painting in earth colours


What You Will Learn

  • composition
  • painting techniques
  • colour placement
  • the watercolour clock
  • paper characteristics
  • the bead