ABSTRACTION: Is not considered an accurate representation of the world around us. Basically it uses colour, forms and gestural mark making to convey the artist’s interpretation or vision. Abstraction is used to convey a story or evoke a feeling. There are a myriad of different ways to approach abstraction in painting and I have developed a few distinct or unique styles.
TEXT PAINTINGS: this style is generally layers of text in a stylised font. I build combinations of different colours and font sizes to create patterns so the letters or words start to merge or entwine thus becoming obscure. I want the viewer to really look at the work to find meaning, thus immerse themselves in the artwork.
GEOMETRIC SHAPES: this style is more about building patterns and colour combinations however I do like to covertly work a theme into the artwork sometimes. Because of my background in sign writing I find the above two styles of abstraction to ‘fit’ with my identity, and I like to challenge myself with new concepts or approaches to my art.