abstract watercolour painting of a person throwing a dart
A Dart Incident

Not The Dart | 52cms x 72cms | watercolour on paper

  • Original & unique artwork
  • Arches non-yellowing, acid free archival paper
  • quality watercolour paints


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A Dart Incident

Not The Dart is a watercolour painting about a dart incident! This expressionism-styled painting is very abstract for a reason. I wanted to convey a sense of equilibrium. On one hand, someone threw a dart, but on the other side of the equation is confusion or forgetfulness. So I tried to represent a murkiness or cloudiness of mind within the artwork. To get a full account about this incident… go to our STORIES page and read the Blog called Not The Dart!

The flowing yellow shapes represent people, boys throwing darts in fact. The 3 ultramarine saturated blue ovals at the top of the artwork are the boy’s heads, whilst the 2 at the bottom are just the negative spaces between the boys legs. The drips are a metaphor for remorse, or blood. And of course the star of the painting, the dart, is on trajectory to hit it’s target!

ABSTRACTION: This is not considered an accurate representation of the world around us. Basically, it uses colour, forms and gestural mark-making to convey the artist’s interpretation or vision. Abstraction is used to convey a story or evoke a feeling.

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