A fantastic realistic graphite drawing of Gandalf The White from the Lord Of The Rings trilogy.
Gandalf The White - 29cms x 42cms - graphite

Drawings Of Superheroes

Gandalf The White | 25cms x 37cms | graphite on paper

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  • Original & unique artwork
  • Non-yellowing, acid free archival paper
  • Fixative coated to reduce smudging
  • Requires framing


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Drawings Of Superheroes

Gandalf The White: I have included this drawing under the title ‘Drawings Of Superheroes’ because The Lord Of The Rings is among my all-time favourite books (trilogy). In fact, I am dyslexic and during my school years I was ridiculed when reading in class. So growing up I hated reading. After leaving school I was coerced into reading LOTR by my brother Steve. At the time I was thinking “A thousand pages, never going to happen”. Well, I started slowly but in the end, I couldn’t put it down. To conclude, LOTR got me interested in books and helped me with all things English. Anyway, Gandalf is one of the superhero characters in the books and movies, especially when he returns as Gandalf The White!

… and that brings me to this drawing!

Ian McKellen, the actor who plays Gandalf, has a charming, character-driven face. I found him so much fun to draw. I decided I would give this drawing to my daughter as a birthday present before I started the drawing. I took my time getting all the proportions right and in the end, I believe I captured his charisma perfectly. Most importantly to me, Nicole absolutely loves her new birthday drawing.

 I have been drawing since the age of 5 so you would conclude… that I like to draw! I have completed a Diploma in Fine Arts at Western Sydney TAFE, plus a Bachelor in Fine Arts at UNI NSW (COFA) with distinctions across many disciplines. My strongest areas whilst studying were painting, ceramics, and drawing.
I have experimented with a lot of techniques over the years but my preferred mediums are graphite pencils, charcoal, and gel pens. The subject matter is eclectic because it is controlled by how I feel. Sometimes I have an idea in my head so I go to grab one of my drawing books. As I flick through to find an empty page I might see an unfinished work that gets my attention and I decide to continue that particular drawing instead, which might be in a vastly divergent style of drawing.
Areas of interest range from realistic portraiture | abstract doodling | geometric patterns | gestural thoughts | detailed rendering

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Dimensions11 × 11 × 35 cm


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