An abstract acrylic painting using black and yellow colours, to create patterns that look similar to oil when it mixes with water.
Black And Yellow Acrylic Pour

Oil Spill | 20cms x 25cms | acrylic on board

  • unique original artwork
  • gesso primed and sealed
  • artist-quality acrylic paint
  • custom plywood with frame
  • ready to hang


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Black And Yellow Acrylic Pour

Oil Spill is basically a black and yellow acrylic pour painting. The outcome reminds me of an oil spill and how petrol reacts when you pour water on it at the petrol station.

ACRYLIC POURING: is a category of painting that uses a variety of tools and techniques to achieve desired effects, however the outcomes can be varied because the artist is not always in control. To make an ‘acrylic pour’ the artist first determines whether they want ‘cells’ because to achieve cells, you must add silicone drops in the paint mix.

There are various ‘recipes’ ranging from pva glue | pouring medium | floetrol | even a combination of all, being added to primary ingredient – acrylic paint. Finally, you add water to get the right flow consistency for the effect you wish to create. Some paint manufacturers sell pre-mixed bottles which will give you a consistent gloss level and save you from poor outcomes due to improper proportions of all the ingredients required to make the perfect mix.

Flip Cup: Same set up as Dirty Pour however instead of pouring the colours from the cup, you flip the cup.

Best practice:

1. place the cup on a firm surface

2. position the substrate and make contact with the cup

3. holding substrate and cup together, quickly flip them over as one – now the cup is on top and in position on the substrate with no spilled paint or mess.

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Dimensions30 × 6 × 35 cm


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