a green and gold abstract, geometric acrylic painting with triangles, circles, rectangles and squares
Best Abstract Geometric Painting

Jewels & Gold | 160cms x 140cms | acrylic on canvas

  • Original unique artwork
  • Custom built timber stretcher frame
  • Heavy duty canvas thread
  • Gesso binder undercoats
  • Artist quality acrylic paint
  • Archival clear vanish coatings
  • Ready to hang



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Best Abstract Geometric Painting

Jewels & Gold is the best abstract geometric painting using gold and green hues. This truly is a stunning large acrylic painting! For this best abstract geometric painting, I started with a blank mind and a blank canvas. After staring at the canvas for a while, a thought came to me… I want to use gold and bronze colours squeezed straight from the tubes. So I under-painted the canvas green and then went crazy with broad fast gestures of black paint. I continued my mark-making journey with yellow, white, and different tones of green, then back to black. Next, I decided I wanted all of my gold and bronze shapes to be geometric (squares, circles, triangles, rectangles). I know that a lot of people wouldn’t think of a painting to be predominately green but I love this painting… it’s perfect!

I love to paint! I learned to draw at a young age but once I started to understand the principles and techniques of painting, it transferred me to another level of appreciation and anticipation.

In my younger years I went for private lessons in landscape painting (after hours). Then, in my later years I went to college (TAFE) &  Uni NSW (COFA) to learn more where I managed to get many distinctions across different disciplines: painting | drawing | ceramics | professional practice. My biggest passions in life are art and music!

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ABSTRACT EXPRESSIONISM PAINTING: Abstract Expressionism is all about action painting and colour field painting. Action painting requires vigorous application of paint, often splashed, thrown, or poured. Colour field painting is all about large fields of bold, flat colours across the picture plane.

I generally play in the fields of ‘action painting’ in this genre. I love to start with a blank canvas and a clear mind. I collect a few colours as a starting point before making my first mark. The thickness of the paint will guide my technique. If my paint is thin I can attack the canvas with flicks of the wrist and watch the paint run down the canvas. The running paint becomes a metaphor for the pain and suffering in life. With thin paint I can make splashes, drips or long flowing gestural marks and this is when I am in the zone. I make my purist art working like this.

If the paint I select has a thick viscosity I can use palette knives, rags, sponges to apply the paint. Sometimes I like to use thin and thick paint together to create tension and texture, it makes the surface tactile.

When I work in the Abstract Expressionist genre I always build the surface up in layers however there is one exception to this rule. If I am working with enamel paint on board I always complete the artwork in one session. I splash and drip the paint on a flatboard from above, reminiscent of Jackson Pollock.

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Dimensions170 × 6 × 170 cm


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