Our archival quality Portraits are beautifully hand-drawn reproductions of your supplied reference image. Working from high resolution photos, we strive to tease out the true character of the sitter for you to treasure forever!
Portraits can range from family members | hero figures | idols | pets | even animals of interest.
All Portraits are drawn on 200gram acid free non-yellowing artist paper, then sealed with fixative. The protective layers of fixative render all drawings smudge free.
Usually I start my drafting lines with a 2B pencil and get some shadow areas in before going to deeper tones. My deepest tones using graphite pencil are rendered in 6B with mechanical pencils but with standard pencils I can go up to 8B. Part of the process when rendering in the realistic genre is to use paper stumps for blending or smudging. Other tools are erasers and pencil filings collected from sharpeners. Erasers come in soft or hard plus mechanical.

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