Most of us know that humanity is changing the natural balance of Earth. Industrialisation | mining | deforestation | nuclear testing | fracking | and population growth all have an accumulative, negative outcome. This body of work is in direct response to the impact we are having on our planet.
Australians have always known the threat of bushfires and we have a history of horror and destruction caused by fire. Two recent fires however had a direct impact on my family. The Canberra fire in 2003 and the Black Summer 2019-2020 fires were both devastating. The Black Summer in particular threatened 3 of my family members in 3 different regions of NSW. The fear and anguish I felt about these fires prompted me to paint this body of work. Part healing, part warning.
The fact that a lot of governments around the world (including our own) are not taking CLIMATE CHANGE seriously is having a big impact on fire behaviour. Of course, if the summers are getting hotter, the knock-on effect means a dryer kindle for fuel. And it is not just CLIMATE CHANGE adding to the danger. Government budget cutbacks to Fire Services affect everything from back-burning capabilities to big-ticket acquisitions like helitankers. This land is on fire every year, it is inconceivable that we have to loan Aviation CH-47D Chinooks to fight fire on a seasonal basis.
The government needs a better strategy and action plan. So this series of artworks is an awareness campaign!

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