Welcome to our Stories Blog page....
and now for something devilishly different!

Welcome to our Stories Blog page….

And now for something devilishly different!

photo collage of Stuart Ian Currie and some exotic places visited
Traditional Japanese tea set next to coffee containers on a small table
Author: Stuart Ian Currie
Tea Or Coffee

I don’t fully recall how he convinced me to drink coffee yet there I was, drinking a hot beverage that tasted awful...

2 young brothers sitting in front yard
Author: Stuart Ian Currie
A Brush With Death

Frank rang the police then hurried to his shed. Frank was a big imposing man and when he emerged with axe in hand...

A man pointing at a sign inside the Liverpool soccer stadium.
Author: Stephen John Currie
A Ghost Story

This short story was real, and it was terrifying. It was a ghost story and it will never leave me.

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