A vibrantly coloured semi-abstract acrylic painting depicting an Australian bush landscape.
Surreal Coloured Desert Landscape

1000 Foot Fence | 35cms x 28cms | acrylic on canvas

  • unique original artwork
  • gesso primed and sealed
  • artist-quality acrylic paint
  • custom plywood with frame
  • ready to hang


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Surreal Coloured Desert Landscape

1,000 Foot Fence is a surreal coloured desert landscape painting that was inspired, along with many others, by a field trip to Olive Downs (near Sturt Stony Desert) in 2005 when I was studying Fine Arts at COFA. The landscape was so vast and hauntingly beautiful yet barren at the same time. It engulfed me, humbled me, made me feel insignificant to the grand scheme of things. I gathered some found objects and took a lot of reference photos for my pending body of works.

Originally I was commissioned to paint a large oil painting, similar to this one (shout out – Benjamin Morrison). The actual scene doesn’t exist. I imaged it and drew a small series of sketches, Ben chose this one. Don’t worry, whenever I use the same reference material, I always make changes so no two paintings are the same. Anyway, I loved the original so I decided to do another variation.

ABSTRACTION: Is not considered an accurate representation of the world around us. Basically it uses colour, forms and gestural mark making to convey the artist’s interpretation or vision. Abstraction is used to convey a story or evoke a feeling. This painting is what I deem semi-abstract.

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Dimensions45 × 6 × 35 cm


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