A realistic graphite pencil drawing of a domestic cat looking it the side.
Tilley - 42cms x 29cms - graphite
Cat Drawing

Tilley | 39cms x 27cms | graphite on paper

SOLD $450 – commission

  • unique & original artwork
  • acid-free, non-yellowing paper
  • fixative coated for smudge free protection


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Cat Drawing

Tilley is a feisty and independent cat. This cat drawing was commissioned by Andrew & Wendy, who warmly welcomed Tilley into their household when she turned up on their doorstep one day. From that day on, Tilley quickly became the pack leader, dominating resident dogs Casey and Bumble.

Our archival quality Pet Portraits are beautifully hand-drawn reproductions of your supplied reference image. Working from high resolution photos, we strive to tease out the true character of the sitter for you to treasure forever!

Portraits can range from family members | hero figures | idols | pets | even animals of interest.
All Portraits are drawn on 200gram acid free non-yellowing artist paper, then sealed with fixative. The protective layers of fixative render all drawings smudge free.

Usually, I start my drafting lines with a 2B pencil and get some shadow areas in before going to deeper tones. My deepest tones using graphite pencil are rendered in 6B with mechanical pencils but with standard pencils I can go up to 8B. Part of the process when rendering in the realistic genre is to use paper stumps for blending or smudging. Other tools are erasers and pencil filings collected from sharpeners. Erasers come in soft or hard plus mechanical.

I prefer to work with mechanical pencils and erasers purely because they are convenient, less mess and no sharpening required.

All Drawings: I use a variety of materials for my drawings usually ranging from:
graphite pencils | charcoal | pastels | gel pens
I don’t stick to a particular style or genre. I pride myself on being creative and challenge myself across many disciplines.

For portraiture I like to use graphite pencils, but I occasionally get out my charcoal. The main drawback with charcoal is that it becomes very messy, and it is easy to get unwanted smudges on your artworks. having said that, charcoal is a wonderful medium for large works and it gives a luscious deep black that graphite cannot match.


Weight4 kg
Dimensions11 × 11 × 45 cm


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