DRAWINGS: Home to all Drawings For Sale | Cviisual Art Studio | Pet Portraits | Commissions Welcome. I been drawing since the age of 5 so you would conclude… that I like to draw! I have completed a Diploma in Fine Arts at western Sydney TAFE, plus a Bachelor in Fine Arts at UNI NSW (COFA) with distinctions across many disciplines. My strongest areas whilst studying were painting, ceramics and drawing.
I have experimented with a lot of techniques over the years but my preferred mediums are graphite pencils, charcoal and gel pens. Subject matter is eclectic because it is controlled by how I feel. Sometimes I have an idea in my head so I go to grab one of my drawing books. As I flick through to find an empty page I might see an unfinished work that grabs my attention and decide to continue that particular drawing instead, which might be in a vastly divergent style of drawing.
Areas of interest range from realistic portraiture | abstract doodling | geometric patterns | gestural thoughts | detailed rendering

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