The coronavirus reared it’s insidious head late 2019 and rapidly spread across the globe with terrifying effectiveness. As the death count soured, humanity watched with despair as we mourned for all those who had suffered the loss of loved ones.
This Covid-19 body of work is my response to this pandemic, and its impact on global populations.
I have tried to translate the lockdowns, the trauma, and the fear into artworks, thus the act of creating becomes a coping mechanism.
Throughout this body of work, I have tried to represent a myriad of ideas: mortality, fear, isolation, depression, and finally hope. This collection is my direct, heartfelt response to the terrifying global pandemic. Watching the first news reports about overseas death tolls created a panic never seen before. Then came the lockdowns. I had many internal conversations around this topic; the deaths, the restrictions, the protests, the lockdowns, and finally the violence that came due to the desperation of the people. All this turmoil had to get out so I translated it onto canvas. Now, I could have painted in a style that screamed carnage and horror but I wanted to portray a feeling of hope. I wanted my artworks to have a certain kind of beauty, so I used beauty as a metaphor for a beacon, ushering humanity toward the light. Where there is hope, there is light.

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